Payson City Recreation
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Programs & Memberships

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Year Round Classes
Allstar Gymnastics 6 Week Class Feb/Mar
Allstar Gymnastics 6 Week Class Apr./May
Allstar Gymnastics Winter Recreation Class
Allstar Gymnastics Team
Centennial Dance Winter Jazz/Combo Class
Centennial Dance Winter Ballet Class
Centennial Dance Winter Hip Hop Class
Centennial Dance Winter Pre-School Class
Cheerleading Winter Session
Cheerleading Summer/Fall Session
Extreame Tumbling/Parkour

Youth Sports

Baseball - Coed 4 yrs - K
Baseball - Boys 1st - 12th Grade
Basketball - Coed 1st - 2nd grade

Basketball - Boys 3rd - 8th grade
Basketball - Girls 3rd - 8th grade
Basketball - Boys High School Team
Basketball - Girls High School Team
Football - Coed Flag Football 1st - 7th Grade

Football - Tackle Football 3rd - 9th Grade
Soccer - Spring Coed 4yrs - 9th Grade
Soccer - Fall Boys 4yrs - 4th Grade
Soccer - Fall Girls 4yrs - 4th Grade
Soccer - Fall Coed 5th - 9th Grade
Softball - Girls 1st - 12th Grade
Swim Lessons
Swim Team
Tennis - Age 5 - 18
Track & Field - 7yrs - 8th Grade
Volleyball - Girls 3rd - 9th Grade
Wrestling - 4yrs - 7th Grade
High School Softball Team Tournament

Adult Sports
Men's Basketball
Women's Volleyball
Coed Volleball
Spring Softball